Where is Papua New Guinea in the World?

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Papua New Guinea is country in Oceania. The country is situated in the Pacific Ocean. The latitude of Papua New Guinea is 6.3150° S, while the country's longitudinal point is 143.9555° E. Papua New Guinea can be found in the southern and eastern hemispheres of the world. As part of the southern hemisphere, Papua New Guinea is located below the equator.

Most Extreme Points of Papua New Guinea

When it comes to Papua New Guinea's most extreme point to the north, there are two possible coordinates. It all depends on whether the focus is on the mainland of Papua New Guinea or if offshore islands are included for consideration. In the former situation, the most northern point of Papua New Guinea's region is part of the Sandaun Province. This point is situated at a latitude of 02°35' S. Offshore, Papua New Guinea's Suf Island is the country's most northern point. With a latitude of 00°52' S, Suf Island is more northern than the Sandaun Province.

In the south, Papua New Guinea has a similar situation. On Papua New Guinea’s mainland, the most southern point is at a latitude of 10°42' S. This point is part of the district of Samarai-Murua, nearest to Suau. Off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the southernmost point of the country is on the island of Vanatinai. Also referred to as Sudest or Tagula, this volcanic island is situated at a latitudinal coordinate of 11°46' S.

The easternmost point of Papua New Guinea is semi-debatable, too. The eastern extremity of Papua New Guinea’s mainland has a longitude of 150°52' E. This point is situated in the province of Milne Bay, of the actual Milne Bay. Offshore, the most eastern point of Papua New Guinea is part of the Nukumanu Islands, which are also referred to as the Tasman Islands, though this name is outdated. Positioned in the southwest part of the Pacific Ocean, the Nukumanu Islands have a longitude of 159°24' E. These islands belong to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which used to be called the North Solomons Province.

In the west, Papua New Guinea extends as far as a longitude of 140°55' E. Papua New Guinea’s westernmost point is part of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. The country’s western extremity is located along the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Official Name
Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Common Name
Papua New Guinea
462,840 km²
Bordering Countries
Calling Code
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinean
-6, 147

Where is Papua New Guinea in the World?

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