Where is Paraguay in the World?

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Paraguay is a South American country located in the southern central region of the continent. Called the Republic of Paraguay officially, Paraguay is surrounded by land along all of its borders. The three South American countries that share borders with Paraguay are Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. The northwestern boundary of Paraguay is shared with Bolivia, while Brazil surrounds the eastern and northeastern borders of Paraguay. Argentina encompasses Paraguay along the country's southernmost and most southwestern borders.

Paraguay’s GPS Location

Paraguay is found at the GPS coordinates of 23° 26' 16.87" S and 58° 26' 53.90" W. The latitude of Paraguay is the first point, placing Paraguay in the southern hemisphere of the world. The second point is the country’s longitude. Based on this coordinate, Paraguay is situated in the western hemisphere. Paraguay is located above the equator.

Most Extreme Points of Paraguay

Paraguay’s northernmost point is located in San Antonio. As part of the country’s shared border with Bolivia, Paraguay’s point of extremity in the north is situated at a coordinate of 19°17' S. In the south, the country's furthest coordinate is a latitude of 27°43' S. Located a bit below the equator, the southernmost point of Paraguay is situated on the island of Yacyreta. This southernmost point of Paraguay is at a latitude of 27°43' S.

The easternmost point of Paraguay is positioned along the border between Brazil and Paraguay. As part of the Canindeyu Department of Paraguay, this eastern point of extremity can be found at the longitude of 54°15' W. In the west, the country of Paraguay reaches an extremity of 62°35' W. As part of the tripoint between Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina, Paraguay’s westernmost point has a longitudinal coordinate of 62°35' W.

Total Size and Population Density of Paraguay

As a South American country made up of seventeen departments in total, Paraguay has a width of 422 miles and an overall length of 414 miles. Paraguay’s total area is 157,057 square miles in all. Looking at the country in terms of land and water regions, Paraguay is made up of 153,398 square miles of land and 3,659 square miles of water. Translating this into percentages, Paraguay is 97.6% land and 2.4% water.

The population of Paraguay hovers around 6,945,308 people, as of 2019. Based on the populations of all other countries in the world, Paraguay is the 107th most populated. Even so, Paraguay only accounts for 0.09% of the global population. From here, we can determine that Paraguay has a population density of about forty-three people for every square mile of area.

Official Name
Republic of Paraguay
Common Name
406,752 km²
Bordering Countries
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil
Calling Code
-23, -58
South America
South America, Latin America

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