Peru Flag

Peru Flag

What does the flag of Peru look like? The Peruvian flag is three vertical bands of red, white, and red, and there is the Peruvian National Coat of Arms in the middle of the white band. Peru's vertical triband flag was adopted in 1950 and serves as the state flag and ensign.

Meaning of the Flag

The colors of the Peruvian flag are symbolic. The colors are meant to symbolize the Incan people and their impact on Peru. The colors were chosen by The Liberator, Jose de San Martin. The coat of arms features important symbols of the nation, including vicuña and chichona tree, as well as a cornucopia that symbolizes prosperity.

Colors of the Flag

Peru’s national flag features a vertical triband of two colors: red and white. The bands on the outside of the flag are red, while the center band is white. The national coat of arms is centered on the white band and features colors including green, blue, and gold. The colors of the flag are designed to represent the Incas and how they influenced the country of Peru. There is also another variant flag that is used in the country that does not feature the coat of arms.

History of the Flag

Prior to having its own flag, the country flew the colonial-era Spanish flag. However, in 1820, the first flag to represent Peru was hoisted by Admiral William Miller. This flag was described as navy blue and featured a golden sun.

In 1820, the first flag of the Republic of Peru was designed and decreed. This flag was red and white with a laurel crown in the center. Within the crown was a sun rising over the mountains and the sea. The flag was redesigned three times in 1822. The flag was altered several more times before taking on the current design used today. In 1950, the civil flag was modified to remove the coat of arms because it was easier to make.

Flag Facts

The current version of the flag was first adopted in 1825, although it was altered in 1950 to remove the emblem from civil flags.

Nicknames for the flag of Peru include The Bicolor Banner and the National Ensign.

Flag Day is celebrated every June 7. This is the anniversary of the Battle of Arica.

The Bicolor Banner
Red, White
Designed by
José de San Martín


Three equal vertical columns with red on the edges and white in the center, with the coat of arms in the center
Peru Flag

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