Where is Poland in the World?

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Poland, also known as the Republic of Poland, is a Central European country. Seven other European countries encompass Poland in all directions, as well as the Baltic Sea in the north. The Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia also borders Poland to the north, as does Lithuania. In the east, Poland is bordered by Ukraine and Belarus. The Czech Republic and Slovakia surround Poland along its southern border, and Germany can be found to the west of Poland's border.

Latitude and Longitude of Poland

The GPS coordinates of Poland are a latitude of 51.9194° N and a longitude of 19.1451° E. The country's latitude and longitude indicate the hemispheres in which Poland can be found. This European country is part of the northern and eastern hemispheres. As a result, Poland is located above the equator.

Points of Extremity

The northernmost point of Poland is near the Baltic Sea. The latitude of this point is 54°50' N, which places the most northern Polish point in the cape of Rozewie in the province of Pomerania. In Poland, this province is called the Pomeranian Voivodeship. In the south, Poland reaches a latitude of 49°00' N. The southernmost point is atop the mountain peak, Opołonek, on the border between Poland and Ukraine.

The easternmost point of Poland is situated at a longitude of 24°09' E. This particular point is located in Hrubieszów County. With proximity to the city of Zosin, the eastern point of extremity in Poland is along the Eastern European Bug River. With a longitude of 14°07' E, Poland's most western point lies along the Western European river, Oder. Positioned in the county limits of Gryfino County, the westernmost point of Poland is in the district of Osinów Dolny. This point is also part of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Poland's Total Area and Population Size

Poland has a total area of 20,728 square miles. Poland's land takes up about 117,473 square miles of the total area. The remaining square mileage of the country is made up of water regions. The coastline of Poland stretches for a little over 273 miles. Poland's land regions are divided up into sixteen separate provinces.

When it comes to the population of Poland, the value is currently 38,065,407 people, as of 2019. Poland is home to approximately 0.49% of the world's total population.

Official Name
Republic of Poland
Common Name
312,679 km²
Bordering Countries
Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine
Calling Code
52, 20
Eastern Europe

Where is Poland in the World?

Poland: Continent View