Romanian National Anthem

The name of Romania’s national anthem is “Deșteaptă-te, române!” This has various translations, include “Wake up, Romanian!” and “Awaken thee, Romanian!” The lyrics for the song were written in 1848 by Andrei Muresanu. The music was created by Anton Pann the very same year. The song was initially published during the revolution of 1848 under the name “Un rasunet,” which means “an echo.” The song was also performed publicly for the first time this year. The song was immediately adopted as a revolutionary song and it was renamed.

The song grew in popularity as a revolutionary anthem and was used through the 1989 anti-Ceausist revolution. The following year, it was officially adopted as Romania’s national anthem and from 1991 through 1994, was also the anthem of Moldova until it was replaced with their current anthem. The message of the anthem is a call to action that says it’s now or never when it comes to change. The song has a strong message of liberty and patriotism. The country celebrates the song every July 29, which is designated as National Anthem Day. Romania’s national anthem has eleven stanzas, but for many events only the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 11th are sung. However, the complete version is sung during Great Union Day when the president of the nation is in attendance.

Romanian National Anthem Lyrics

Wake up, Romanian, from your sleep of death
Into which you have been sunk by barbaric tyrants
Now, or never, make a new fate for yourself,
To which even your cruel enemies will bow.

Now or never let us give proof to the world
That in these veins Roman blood still flows,
That in our chests we hold a name with pride,
Victorious in battles, the name of Trajan!

Behold, great shadows, Michael, Stephen, Corvinus,[b]
The Romanian Nation, your great-grandchildren,
With weapons in their arms, with your fire in their veins,
"Life in freedom or death!" shout all.

Priests, lead with your crucifixes, for our army is Christian,
The motto is Liberty and its goal is holy,
Better to die in battle, in full glory,
Than to once again be slaves upon our ancient ground!

Romanian National Anthem