History of Russia | How Old is Russia?

Russia has one of the most disputed ages on the planet and it is difficult to determine. The Kievan Rus states unified in 879 but originally dates as far back as 862. The Russia that we know today was created under a federation in 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This makes Russia as old as 1160 years, and as young as 31 years.

The Current State of Russia

Russia is the world's largest land mass, and as such, has experienced the most border changes throughout its time, as well as multiple regime changes. The initial origin of Russia started with Kievan Rus, which was a formation of Vikings that ventured north into the colder climate and established the city of Kiev (or Kyiv in Ukrainian). The Kievan Rus people were initially led by King Oleg, who ventured south to free the Rus people from the Khazars. It was the most prosperous state in Europe until the sacking of Kyiv between 1237 and 1240. This scattered the Rus people into various smaller Russian states.

The Tatars and Mongols would continue to harass the Rus people for well over 200 years, and each state had to either pay tribute or defend itself. The most prosperous of these states were the people who colonized the Musocovite river, called Moscow. Moscow had been pillaged but, through sheer determination and the construction of the Kremlin, established its defenses in the Grand Duchy of Moscow. It wasn't until 1547 that Moscow was named the official capital of the Rus people, and unified under the Tsardom of Russia.

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History of Russia | How Old is Russia?

How old is Russia?

The country of Russia is 544 years old, founded in the year 1480.

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