Where is Samoa in the World?

Samoa is an island nation in Oceania, comprised of two major islands. The Independent State of Samoa is made up of Upolo and Savai’i. There are also a few smaller islands in relative proximity to Samoa, all of which are included in the boundaries of Samoa.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

The GPS coordinates of Samoa are made up of two points. The country’s latitudinal coordinate is 13.7590° S, meaning that Samoa is found in the southern hemisphere. With a longitudinal coordinate of 172.1046° W, it is clear that Samoa is positioned in the western hemisphere. Samoa is also situated below the equator, as depicted by the latitude of the country.

Points of Extremity in Samoa

Samoa’s furthest point in the north happens to be one of the least northern points of all northern points of extremity in the world. At a latitude of 13°25' S, this point is located south of the equator. The northernmost point of Samoa is in the village of Fagamalo on the island of Savai’i.

To the south, Samoa reaches its southernmost point of 14°04' S. Samoa ranks as number 28 on the list of countries based on the most southern extremity. The southernmost point of Samoa is found on the island of Nu’ulua in the Aleipata island nation.

In the west, Samoa’s furthest point is at a longitude of 172°48' W. Positioned in the Gaga’ifomauga District of Samoa; the westernmost point is just southwest of the Falealupo Cape. In the opposite direction, Samoa’s easternmost point of extremity has a longitude of 171°20' W. Trailing right behind Tonga; this is the second-to-most eastern extreme point among all documented countries. The easternmost point of Samoa is on the island of Fanuatapu in the Samoan district of Aiga-i-le-Tai.

Samoa’s Total Area and Population Size

In terms of population, Samoa is the 144th most densely populated country in the whole world. The population of Samoa is approximately 198,283 people, as of the end of the year 2018. The population size of Samoa ranks as the 188th largest population in comparison to every population of every country across the entire globe. Samoa’s total area is the 168th largest of all countries in the world. There are approximately 1,097 square miles of area within the confines of Samoa's legal boundaries.

Official NameIndependent State of Samoa
Common NameSamoa
Area2,842 km²
Bordering Countries
Calling Code685
CurrencySamoa Tala
Lat/Long0°, 1°

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