History of San Marino | How Old is San Marino?

San Marino claimed its independence from the Roman Empire in 301. It also claimed its independence from the papal state in 1291. The first constitution was written in 1600, and the one we know today was the declaration of citizen rights in 1978. This makes San Marino as old as 1721 years and as young as 44 years.

The Current State of San Marino

San Marino is rich in history, its ways and traditions are deeply rooted in Romany ways, in all except religion (The country is predominantly Catholic). Executive power is exercised b the government and legislative power is given to both the government and the General + Grand Council. The judiciary arm is independent of each branch. San Marino has the earliest written governing documents that are still in effect today; the original statutes that were written in the year 1600 are still the fundamental core elements of the rights and freedoms that the people can enjoy.

Much like the ancient practice of having Roman consuls in the pinnacle of the Roman Republic, the council elects two captain-regents to be the heads of state. It is unique in that each head of state is from a different party, making it an extremely effective system that is more representative of a larger group of people within the country. San Marino is said to be a multi-party Democratic Republic.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

History of San Marino | How Old is San Marino?

How old is San Marino?

The country of San Marino is 781 years old, founded in the year 1243.

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