Where is Saudi Arabia in the World?

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Saudi Arabia is also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No matter the name, this country is considered part of Western Asia. The Arabian Peninsula comprises much of Saudi Arabia. More specifically, Saudi Arabia is part of the Middle East.

Eight other countries share borders with those of Saudi Arabia. In the north, Saudi Arabia is encompassed by Iraq and Jordan. In the south, Yemen shares a border with Saudi Arabia. Oman is situated to the southeast of Saudi Arabia while Kuwait is to the northeast of the country. The three nations that can be found to the east of Saudi Arabia are Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

Saudi Arabia’s GPS coordinates are made up of a latitudinal and a longitudinal point. The latitude of Saudi Arabia is 24° 16' 0.86" N, showing that the country is part of the northern hemisphere. The longitude of Saudi Arabia is 45° 06' 28.26" E, placing the country in the eastern hemisphere of the world. The country of Saudi Arabia is positioned above the equator, as shown by its location in the northern hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Saudi Arabia

In the north, Saudi Arabia has an extreme latitude of 32°14' N. The northernmost point of Saudi Arabia is in a small town called Jabal Anaiza. The southernmost point of Saudi Arabia is located along the border shared by Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This point has a latitude of 16°23' N. It is located in a province by the name of Jizan.

To the east, Saudi Arabia’s farthest point is part of the border between Oman and Saudi Arabia. As part of the country’s Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia’s easternmost point has a longitude of 55°30' E. The longitudinal coordinate of 34°33' E is one of two of Saudi Arabia’s westernmost points. This coordinate is offshore, and it falls on the island of Tiran in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province. The most western point on the mainland of Saudi Arabia has a GPS coordinate of 34°50' E. This point is in the city of Ras al Alsheikh.

Saudi Arabia’s Physical Area and Population Size

Saudi Arabia’s total area is 829,995 square miles in all. The total area of Saudi Arabia is entirely land, which makes sense when taking the country’s geographical positioning into consideration. Saudi Arabia is a country that extends for a length of 921.41 miles and stretches for a width of 629.78 miles.

The population of Saudi Arabia is currently a total of 33,887,553 people. Even though populations rise and fall over the years, the most recent census places Saudi Arabia as the forty-first most populated country around the globe. In comparison to the rest of the world, only 0.44% of the world’s population can be found in Saudi Arabia. To determine the country’s population density, we want to divide the population of Saudi Arabia by the country’s total area. Doing so results in a population density value of forty-one people per square mile.

Official Name
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Common Name
Saudi Arabia
2,149,690 km²
Bordering Countries
Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
Calling Code
Saudi Arabian
25, 45
Western Asia, The Middle East

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