History of Serbia | How Old is Serbia?

There are many key dates that can affect the birth of the Serbian nation: The Principality of Serbia was created in 780, and the official Kingdom of Serbia was created in 1217. Its independence was recognized in 1878 and restored once more in 2006. Most consider the birth of Serbia to be when the Slavic migration of tribes occurred in the early 7 and 8th centuries, meaning Serbia is considered 1242 years old.

The Current State of Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country with a rich history in Eastern Europe. Up until recently, Serbia was united with Montenegro and ruled as one nation after the collapse of Yugoslavia. In 2003, they were candidates for EU membership due to what was considered a positive regime change in the country. This caused the political situation to remain tense until the President was assassinated in 2003. In 2004, demonstrations and organized crime became prominent because of the country's anarchy, leaving many churches and monasteries destroyed and at least 19 people dead.

In 2006, the Independence of Serbia was officially recognized once more as Montenegro held a referendum that determined its end of the union with Serbia. 55.4 percent of voters voted in favor, which was a marginal victory (55% or more was needed). In 2008, Kosovo declared independence from Serbia itself, with various mixed emotions. Serbia, of course, has condemned the action. Negotiations for Serbia to enter the EU commenced in 2014. The current president, Aleksandar, has created an ideological backsliding into authoritarianism. He was elected in April 2022.

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How old is Serbia?

The country of Serbia is 1256 years old, founded in the year 768.

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