Where is Seychelles in the World?

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The archipelago collectively known as Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is just off the eastern coast of Africa. The beautiful country of Seychelles is surrounded by water, without a stretch of land for miles.

Location on a Map: GPS Coordinates of Seychelles

The GPS coordinates of the island country of Seychelles are a latitude of 4.6796° S and a longitude of 55.4920° E. These coordinates not only show that the country is in the southern and eastern hemispheres, but they also indicate that Seychelles is situated south of the equator, by a bit over four degrees.

Most Extreme Points in Four Cardinal Directions

The most extreme point in the north of Seychelles has a latitude of 03°43' S. The northernmost point is on Bird Island in the Seychelles archipelago. The southernmost point of Seychelles happens to fall at a latitudinal coordinate of 10°13' S. Situated on Goëlettes Island, the point of extremity in southern Seychelles is part of the country’s group of islands by the name of Farquhar Atoll.

To the west, Seychelles extends as far as Assumption Island. The longitudinal coordinate of this extremity is 46°29' E, and the westernmost point lies to the north of Madagascar, another country of Africa. The easternmost point of Seychelles is on the island of Coëtivy. The coordinate of this point is a longitude of 56°16' E.

Total Area, Population Size, and Overall Density

The total area of Seychelles is the 182nd largest total area value among all countries in the world. Only 176 square miles make up the land of Seychelles, which happens to be entirely void of any water areas in all directions.

The population of Seychelles is about 95,461 people, as reported by the most recent census that was conducted in 2018. This country ranks as the 201st largest population among all countries across the globe. The population of Seychelles is relatively small compared to the rest of the world’s recognized countries. After all, the country’s population is less than 0% of the entire world’s total population.

The population density of Seychelles is approximately 543 people per square mile. Concerning all other countries on the planet, Seychelles is the 70th most densely populated country on earth. Though the population nor the total area are very large, the two values together make for quite a small density.

Official Name
Republic of Seychelles
Common Name
452 km²
Calling Code
-4.58333333, 55.66666666
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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