History of Singapore | How Old is Singapore?

When Was Singapore Founded?

There are some references to people living in the vicinity of Singapore during ancient times, and there are some Greek philosophers who make reference to a vague location that is similar to that of Singapore. At the same time, modern history of Singapore does not start until the 14th century. At that time, the very powerful Mongol empire made contact with settlements in the Singapore area, and trade relationships were established. Even though it is highly likely that people lived in Singapore before the 14th century, people believe that Singapore, as we know it, was identified and began to grow during the 14th century. Then, Singapore would go on to become a major trading hub for people of all backgrounds.

When Did Modern Singapore Begin?

Even though people began trading with Singapore during the 14th century, modern Singapore did not really take off until the 19th century. Until the 19th century, Singapore was colonized by a variety of European powers off and on. The first European colony to arrive was Portugal, which did so in 1509. Then, the Dutch began to challenge Portugal in the 17th century, and the Dutch eventually established a monopoly over the island. Britain was able to wrestle control of Singapore away from the Dutch, and held it for more than 100 years. Britain retained control of Singapore until 1942, when Singapore was taken from Britain by the Japanese. Shortly after the Japanese were defeated by the United States in World War II, Singapore was given its independence.

Is Singapore a Part of Another Country?

Today, Singapore is not part of any other country. For a long time, Singapore was controlled by the British. They did get control of Singapore back after Japan was defeated, but Singapore is no longer a part of Japan. Then, Singapore was a part of Malaysia for a while, but it is so different from the rest of Malaysia that Malaysia actually did not want to keep control of Singapore. Therefore, Singapore is considered its own country today. It has its own government and its own currency. It is unlikely that Singapore will be controlled by another country in the future.

Is Singapore a Fun Place To Visit?

Yes, Singapore is a very fun place to visit. It is a major trading center in the Indonesian region, along with Hong Kong. Therefore, it is a very wealthy nation that has a lot to offer. Furthermore, there are a lot of interesting amenities, delicious restaurants, and beautiful resorts. Because there are a lot of changes happening in the Asia-Pacific region, it is highly likely that the influence of Singapore will grow in the near future. As resources continue to pour into Singapore, it will only become a more attractive place for people of all backgrounds. In addition, Singapore is relatively liberal when it comes to leading in tourists. Therefore, it will probably become a more popular place to visit during the next few decades.

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History of Singapore | How Old is Singapore?

How old is Singapore?

The country of Singapore is 61 years old, founded in the year 1963.

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