Where is Singapore in the World?

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Singapore is a diamond-shaped island that includes 63 islets within its territorial waters. It is located at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula with Malaysia to its north, Indonesia and the Singapore Strait to its south, between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Covering a total area of 647.5 square kilometers, Singapore's valleys and hills of sedimentary rocks cover the northwest while sandy, flat land spans the eastern region. The island's neighboring countries include Thailand, Bangkok, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

There are five main regions of Singapore, the North, North East, East, Central, and West regions. The North region is comprised of eight districts with relatively small urban developments and an abundance of natural greenery and is situated on the northern corner of the island, south of the Straits of Johor. The North East region is comprised of seven districts and the most densely populated region, primarily made up of residential areas. The smaller islands of Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and Pulau Tekong Kechil are included within this region. The East region is the smallest of the five, comprised of six districts and boasts an intricate pattern of hills and valleys. To the north, it shares riverine borders with the North Eastern islands. The Central Region is comprised of twenty-two districts and divided into two sub-regions, the Core Central and the Rest of Central. This region is known for its heavily urbanized cities and stereotyped as the main area for the wealthy. Lastly, the West region is the largest of the five, comprised of 12 districts and generally made up of suburban towns and established industrial estates. The areas of Jurong Island and Tuas on the southernmost part of the region are home to the majority of Singapore's massive industrial plants.

Official Name
Republic of Singapore
Common Name
710 km²
Calling Code
1.36666666, 103.8
South-Eastern Asia

Everyone has heard about it, but is Singapore a country? The answer is that Singapore is a sovereign island city-state.


Singapore gained independence on 9 August 1965 and became a sovereign state. It separated from Malaysia, which was its parent country. The separation was due to political and economic differences between ruling parties in Singapore and Malaysia, which resulted in communal tensions and racial riots.


The Republic of Singapore is situated in Southeast Asia off the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. Singapore is approximately 85 miles north of the equator, west of the Borneo island, and east of Indonesia.


Singapore measures about 728.6 square kilometers. It has a population of approximately 6 million people, which is equivalent to 0.08% of the world's population. In general, Singapore is not one island because the city-state comprises one main island surrounded by 64 offshore smaller islands. The main island is known as Mainland Singapore or Pulau Ujong, as local residents like to call it. The offshore islands include Pulau Ubin, Sisters' Island, and St. Johns Island.


While Singapore may look remote, it is a highly developed country in Southeast Asia and has one of the strongest economies in the world. It tops the table of free economies alongside Hong Kong. Singapore also has the most expensive real estate in the world. Tourism contributes to Singapore’s economy with its famous human-made and natural tourist attractions.

Is Singapore a Country?

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