Where is Slovakia in the World?

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Slovakia is called the Slovak Republic officially. This country is positioned in the central region of Europe. As a landlocked country, Slovakia is surrounded by land. To the north, Slovakia is bordered by Poland. Hungary lies along the southern border of Slovakia, while Ukraine is to the east of Slovakia. With Austria in the west and the Czech Republic along the country's northwestern edge, Slovakia shares borders with five other European countries.

Slovakia's GPS Coordinates

Slovakia is situated at a latitude of 48.6690° N. This point places the country in the northern hemisphere. The longitude of Slovakia is 19.6990° E, which is a coordinate in the eastern hemisphere. The GPS coordinates of Slovakia are indicative of Slovakia's location north of the equator.

Furthest Points of Slovakia in Every Direction

The most extreme point of northern Slovakia is located at a coordinate of 49°36' N. This latitude is found in Beskydok. To the south, Slovakia's furthest point is along the border that separates Slovakia from Hungary. With a latitude of 47°44' N, the southernmost point of the country is found in the Patince Municipality.

To the east, Slovakia extends as far as a longitude of 22°30' E. This point is on the border shared by three different countries. As part of the Prešov Region, the easternmost point of Slovakia is on the tripoint between Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia. The westernmost point of Slovakia is on the border that the country shares with Austria. Positioned at a longitude of 16°50' E, the most extreme point in the west lies in the Slovakian region of Bratislava.

Slovakia's Total Area and Population Size

The total area of Slovakia is approximately 18,932 square miles. The land regions of Slovakia take up about 18,573 square miles of the entire area, while the other 359 square miles are attributed to the country's water regions. The country is split up into eight separate zones. These include Zilinsky, Kosicky, Bratislavsky, Presovsky, Nitriansky, Banskobystricky, Trenciansky, and Trnavsky.

Slovakia’s population as of 2019 is about 5,450,419 people. The population of Slovakia is a mere 0.07% of the global population. Slovakia ranks as the 118th most populated country in the world out of a total of 196 countries in all.

Official Name
Slovak Republic
Common Name
49,037 km²
Bordering Countries
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine
Calling Code
48.66666666, 19.5
Eastern Europe

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