Where is Suriname in the World?

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Suriname, also known as the Republic of Suriname, is a South American country. Located in the northeastern region of South America, Suriname lies along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Aside from the country's northernmost border, Suriname is surrounded by three other South American countries. Brazil lies along the southern edge of Suriname, and French Guiana is in the east. Suriname's western border is shared with Guyana.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Suriname

Suriname’s GPS coordinates are a latitude of 3° 55' 23.86" N and a longitude of 56° 01' 28.68" W. The GPS coordinates place the country of Suriname in the northern and western hemispheres. As such, Suriname is positioned above the equatorial plane of the earth.

Suriname’s Most Extreme Points in Every Direction

To the north, Suriname reaches its farthest point at the latitudinal coordinate of 06°01' N. At this coordinate on the map, Suriname’s northernmost point reaches an extremity in the Oostelijke Polders. Located in the district of Nickerie, Oostelijke Polders is a resort in Suriname. This point is the 150th most northern point of all major countries in the world.

In the exact opposite direction, the southernmost point of Suriname is along the country’s border with Brazil. As the 58th most extreme southern point among countries in the world, Suriname’s farthest point to the south falls in the boundaries of a resort, much like Suriname’s northernmost point. With a latitudinal coordinate of 01°50' N, the southern point of extremity in Suriname is in the Coeroeni Resort.

To the east, Suriname’s farthest point is part of the border that Suriname shares with French Guiana. As part of the Sipaliwini District, Suriname’s easternmost point is positioned at a longitude of 54°00' W. In the west, the country of Suriname extends as far as the Guyana-Suriname border. With a longitude of 58°05' W, this point falls within the Sipaliwini District, just like Suriname’s easternmost point.

How Big is Suriname?

Suriname is physically 194 miles wide and 212 miles long. The total area of Suriname comes to approximately 63,038 square miles in all. Of the country’s total area, only 695 square miles are attributable to water areas. The remaining 62,343 square miles is all land. In percentages, Suriname is about 99% land and 1% water.

Suriname’s population is roughly 571,044 people, as of 2019. This total of current residents ranks Suriname as the 171st most populated country across the globe. Even though a population of over five-hundred-and-seventy-thousand people sounds massive, but putting the country’s population into perspective, Suriname’s population only accounts for 0.01% of all people in the world. The population density of Suriname is about nine people for every square mile of the country’s total area.

Official Name
Republic of Suriname
Common Name
163,820 km²
Bordering Countries
Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana
Calling Code
4, -56
South America
South America, Latin America

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