Where is Switzerland in the World?

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Located in Central Europe, Switzerland is a country with a climate of predominantly mountains and valleys. Otherwise known as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is surrounded by five other European countries. The northern border separates Germany and Switzerland. In the west, France and Switzerland share a border. Austria and Liechtenstein both lie to the east of Switzerland. Italy is to the southern border of the Swiss Confederation.

GPS Coordinates of Switzerland and Surrounding Countries

Switzerland’s GPS coordinates include a latitude of 46.8182° N and a longitude of 8.2275° E. The country is located in the northern and eastern hemispheres on the globe. Switzerland is completely landlocked.

Most Extreme Points

The northernmost point of Switzerland is in the town of Oberbargen at a latitude of 47°48' N. Oberbargen is part of the Bargan municipality in the state, Schaffhausen. The southernmost point of Switzerland is situated along the border that is shared with Italy and Switzerland. This point is located in Ticino State in the village of Pedrinate.

In the west, Switzerland reaches a point of extremity with a coordinate of 5°57'22.69" E. This specific longitude points to a municipality of Switzerland called Chancy. The westernmost point is part of Geneva, a canton - or, state - in western Switzerland. The most extreme point to the east is at a latitude of 10°29'31" E. More specifically, this point is home to the mountain, Piz Chavalatsch, which is part of the Ortler Mountain Range. As part of the extensive Alps, the easternmost point of Switzerland is in the village, Müstair, of Grisons State.

Population Size and Total Area of Switzerland

Switzerland currently has a population of 8,573,156 people. Though the population tends to increase by a few thousand every day, the population has hovered around 8.5 million people during 2018. Switzerland’s population is only 0.11% of the global population, and it ranks as the 99th most heavily populated country in the world.

The total area of Switzerland is about 15,940 square miles of land. Of the entire region, 95.8% of the country is made up of land areas. The remaining 4.2% is attributable to water areas, such as rivers, basins, reservoirs, and lakes. With 15,270.52 square miles of land and 669.48 square miles of water, Switzerland is number 132 on the list of countries based on total area, from highest to lowest. The population density of Switzerland is roughly 538 people for every square mile within the country’s borders.

Official Name
Swiss Confederation
Common Name
41,284 km²
Bordering Countries
Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany
Calling Code
47, 8
Western Europe

Where is Switzerland in the World?

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