Syria Flag

Syria Flag

What does the flag of Syria look like? The Syrian flag is three horizontal bands of red, white, and black, and there are two green five-pointed stars in the middle of the white flag. The national flag and ensign of Syria was origially adopted on February 22, 1958. The most recent version was updated on March 30, 1980.

Meaning of the Flag

What’s probably the most different about Syria’s flag is that as of 2018, the nation doesn’t have just one national flag but has two. One flag is used by the Assad government. The flag is based on the flag of the Arab Liberation and features four colors that represent the four dynasties of Arab history: the Hashimites, the Fatimids, the Abbasids and the Umayyads.

The Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government use a different national flag. This design is a modified version of the independence flag first used in 1932 and was readopted in opposition to the government.

Colors of the Flag

The national flag of the Syrian Arab Republic has four colors: red, white, black and green. The red, black and white are used to make up the horizontal triband background of the flag. The green is used in two five-pointed stars located in the central white band. The red is symbolic of the Hasemite dynasty and the struggle for independence. The white is representative of the Umayyad dynasty and a bright future. The green stars represent the Fatimid dynasty, with one star standing for Egypt and the other for Syria. Finally, the black is a representation of the Abbasid dynasty and oppression of the nation.

The Syrian National Coalition’s flag is somewhat similar to the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic. It features a triband design but the colors are green, white and black. Instead of two green stars, this flag features three red stars centered in the white band.

History of the Flag

The first Syrian flag was introduced in 1918. This flag was for the Kingdom of Syria and was used through 1920. This flag featured a black, green, and white triband background with a red triangle on the hoist side with a white star in the center. When the French arrived in Syria, a new flag was introduced. This flag featured a green and white horizontal triband design with the French tricolor in the canton. This flag was used from 1920 through 1932.

When the nation gained its independence and established the Syrian Republic, a new flag was adopted. This flag became known as the independence flag. It was used from 1932 through 1958, then again in 1961 through 1963. Finally, this flag was readopted again by the Syrian National Coalition in opposition to Syria’s government and is one of the two flags in use today.

The first Ba’athist flags of Syria went into use in 1958. The original flag was used through 1961 before two new designs were used. In 1980, however, the government reverted back to the original flag, and it is still in use by the Syrian Arab Republic today. Because there are two governments pushing for power during the Syrian civil war, two flags are currently being used.

Flag Facts

Each Syrian state once had its own unique flag.

Because of the Syrian civil war, this nation is one of the only ones to concurrently use two different flags.

Green, White, Black, Red


Three equal horizontal columns with green on top, white in the center, and black on bottom, with three red stars centered in the white column
Syria Flag

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