Where is Syria in the World?

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Syria is a country situated in West Asia. As part of the Middle East, Syria is surrounded by five countries. In the north, Syria shares a border with Turkey, Lebanon is to the west and Iraq in the east, Jordan borders Syria along its southernmost region. Israel is beneath Lebanon and thereby rests along a portion of the southwesternmost border of Syria. The Mediterranean Sea is the one body of water that lies along the coastline of Syria. Located to the west of the country’s borders, the Mediterranean Sea stretches along the entire Syrian coast for approximately 119.93 miles.

GPS Coordinates of Syria

Syria is located at a latitude of 34.8021° N, and a longitude of 38.9968° E. The GPS coordinates of the Syrian Arab Republic place the country in the eastern hemisphere. Syria is located above the equator and therefore also resides in the northern hemisphere.

Total Area, Population, and Density Values

The population of Syria is approximately 18,377,252 people, as of the 2018 census. With a population of such great magnitude, Syria ranks as the 63rd most populous country across the board, placing Syria right behind Kazakhstan and just ahead of Malawi.

The total area of Syria is an estimated 71,500 square miles, from one extreme point to the next. Syria is ranked as the 87th largest country, out of 195 in total, based on physical size and geographical boundaries, and is 1.1% water and 98.9% land. The majority of Syria’s water source is attributed to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. With only 786.5 miles of water, the remaining 70,7135 square miles are comprised of land.

To the population density of Syria is determined by the population being divided by the total area. After performing this calculation, the result is a value of 257.02, meaning that there are just about 258 people for every square mile of land, or sea, in Syria.

Points of Elevation in Syria

The highest point of elevation in all of Syria is Mount Hermon. Located in the Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range, Mount Hermon soars at an altitude of 9,232 feet above sea level. Syria is at sea level along the Mediterranean Sea at the country’s lowest point. On average, Syria lies at 1,686 feet above sea level in most areas.

Official Name
Syrian Arab Republic
Common Name
185,180 km²
Bordering Countries
Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey
Calling Code
35, 38
Western Asia, The Middle East

Syria: Continent View