Where is Tanzania in the World?

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Tanzania is located in East Africa. Known officially as the United Republic of Tanzania, the country is part of Africa’s Great Lakes Region. Eight other African countries surround Tanzania.

The Indian Ocean is along the eastern border of Tanzania. Uganda is to the north of Tanzania. Malawi and Mozambique both border Tanzania to the south, while Zambia is just southwest of Tanzania and Kenya is northeast. Three countries - the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi - all lie along the western border of Tanzania.

GPS Coordinates and Surrounding Countries

GPS coordinates are made up of two different points that both depict a country’s position on the grid. The latitude of Tanzania is 6.3690° S, and the longitude is 34.8888° E. These points indicate that Tanzania is part of the southern and eastern hemispheres, placing Tanzania beneath the equator.

Most Extreme Points in Every Direction of Tanzania

In Tanzania, the most northern point of the country is situated at a coordinate of 00°59' S. Tanzania’s most extreme point in the north is along the Kagera River. To the south, the country reaches as far as the latitude of 11°45' S. Just outside of the Namtumbo District of Tanzania, the southernmost point of the country is on the Tanzania-Mozambique border.

The easternmost point of Tanzania is also along the border separating Tanzania and Mozambique. As part of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania, this point has a coordinate of 40°29' E. To the west, Tanzania’s most extreme point is in Tanzania’s Kigoma Region. It is positioned at a longitude of 29°10' E, which is the point that Tanzania shares with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tanzania’s Total Area and Population

Tanzania has a total area of approximately 365,753 square miles. About 23,745 square miles of Tanzania are water resources, while the remaining 342,007 square miles are land areas. In percentages, Tanzania is roughly 6.5% water and 93.5% land. On the list of countries in order from largest to smallest total area, Tanzania ranks as the 30th largest country.

The population of Tanzania is currently a total of 59,964,702 people. With this number in mind, Tanzania registers as the 24th largest country based on population. Though Tanzania’s population sounds like quite a large number, the country’s residents only account for 0.77% of the global population.

By taking the population of Tanzania and dividing it by the total area of the West Asian country, we can determine the population density. This calculation results in a value of 164, meaning that there are 164 people for every square mile in Tanzania.

Official Name
United Republic of Tanzania
Common Name
945,087 km²
Bordering Countries
Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia
Calling Code
-6, 35
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

Where is Tanzania in the World?

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