Where is Trinidad and Tobago in the World?

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Trinidad and Tobago is a single country made up of two separate islands. Trinidad is by far the larger of the two islands. Trinidad is located in closer proximity to the continent of South America, whereas Tobago is a bit deeper into the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean Sea can be found to the west of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Gulf of Paria lies along the western coast of Trinidad, too. Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation of the West Indies. Trinidad and Tobago are closest to Barbados, Guyana, Venezuela, and Grenada.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Trinidad and Tobago

The GPS coordinates of the island nation are a latitude of 10° 26' 37.37" N and a longitude of 61° 25' 8.91" W. As part of the northern hemisphere, the country is located above the equator. Trinidad and Tobago is part of the world’s western hemisphere as well, but just barely. The two major islands of the country are very near to the equator.

The Area of Trinidad and Tobago’s Total and the Country’s Population

Trinidad and Tobago’s total area is approximately 3,186 square miles of land. It is nearly impossible to determine how much water flows throughout Trinidad and Tobago because the islands are subject to the tides. Water regions of islands are deemed negligible, though the islands are surrounded by water on all sides. The land of Trinidad and Tobago is divided into fourteen parts, called municipalities.

The population of Trinidad and Tobago is an estimated number of 1,374,220 people. Populations are ever-fluctuating by nature, but as of 2019, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago are collectively home to about 0.02% of the global population. From there, it is deemed that Trinidad and Tobago is the 154th most populated country in the world, out of a total of 196 dependencies and countries in all.

Taking the population of Trinidad and Tobago, and dividing it by the country’s total area, results in a numerical value of 432. This value is called the population density. For Trinidad and Tobago, the population density means that for every square mile of land on either island, there is an estimated number of 432 people who live there.

Official Name
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Common Name
Trinidad and Tobago
5,130 km²
Calling Code
Port of Spain
11, -61
North America

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