Turkish National Anthem

What is the National Anthem of Turkey?

The Turkish National Anthem is called Istiklal Marsi. It is considered to be the national anthem of Turkey and Northern Cyprus. It has been the national anthem of Turkey for more than 100 years. It was adopted in 1921, which is more than two years before Anatolia became Turkey. It is used as a motivational piece of music for everyone in Turkey. It has served as an inspirational anthem for the Republic, and it was one of the most commonly played pieces for people fighting the War of Turkish Independence. Because of its direct relationship to the establishment of modern-day Turkey, it continues to be used as the national anthem even to this day.

What Is the Turkish National Anthem About?

The lyrics for the piece were written by Mehemet Akif Ersoy. The music for the lyrics was written by Osman Zeki Ungor. There are a lot of interesting concepts that are discussed in the national anthem. Of course, affection for the national homeland of Turkey is one of the main themes. Given that the piece is about independence, freedom is also openly expressed and discussed in the anthem. Faith also plays a major role, given that religion is a central construct in the country. The anthem also encourages people to sacrifice everything in pursuit of liberty. Many of these concepts are also directly related to the flag. Originally, the piece was written for the army fighting to protect the homeland. Now, it is sung by everyone in the country.

Is the Turkish National Anthem Sung in School?

Even though the song is not regularly sung in schools, there is a framed version of the national anthem in every classroom in Turkish schools. Every student learns the words to the national anthem in their education. There is also a photograph of the founding savior of the country, and the anthem is usually displayed with a Turkish flag. In a lot of situations, the anthem is framed next to an inspirational speech given by the savior to the students of the school. While Northern Cyprus did not adopt the national anthem at the same time as Turkey, it did agree to adopt the anthem in 1983. It was incorporated as the anthem under the constitution of Northern Cyprus.

Is the Turkish National Anthem a Good Song?

Yes, there are a lot of people who enjoy the national anthem of Turkey. It hits on a lot of themes that many other countries focus on in their national anthems. For example, it prominently discusses freedom, which is discussed in the national anthem of the United States. It was also used as an inspirational song for the soldiers, which is exactly what happens in the United States national anthem as well. As a result, it is very similar to many other national anthems that are sung across the world regularly. It can also serve as an example to other countries still writing their national anthems.

Turkish National Anthem Lyrics