Where is Uganda in the World?

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Uganda is a country on the continent of Africa. Located in Africa’s eastern region, Uganda is surrounded by land. Uganda shares borders with four other African countries. In the north, Uganda is bordered by Sudan. Kenya borders Uganda in the east, while the Congo borders Uganda in the west. Tanzania runs along the southern border of Uganda, as does Lake Victoria.

Geographic Coordinates of Uganda

Uganda has a latitude of 1.3733° N, and a longitude of 32.2903° E. The GPS coordinates of Uganda indicate that the African country is in the northern and eastern hemispheres. Uganda is also positioned above the border, as expressed by the direction associated with the country’s latitudinal coordinate.

Most Extreme Points: North, South, East, and West

Uganda’s northernmost point is found at a longitude of 04°14' N. This extremity is located just outside of the city of Lokichokio, which is north of Kenya in the district of Turkana. In the south, Uganda extends to a latitude value of 01°29' S. The southernmost point of Uganda is in the Kabale District of Uganda’s Western Region. This point sits along the border that Uganda shares with Tanzania.

Uganda’s most extreme point in the west is on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often shortened to the Congo. With a longitude of 29°34' E, the westernmost point is situated in the Kisoro District of Uganda’s Western Region. The easternmost point of Uganda is on the dividing line between Uganda and Kenya. This point has a longitude of 35°02' E which places the eastern point of extremity in the Nakapiripirit District.

Total Area, Population Size, and Density of Uganda

The [total square mileage of Uganda] is calculated as 93,065 square miles, 76,100 of which are made up of land and the other 16,964 square miles are comprised of water sources. That means that Uganda is 81.7% land and 18.3% water. Uganda’s total area is the 79th largest total area in the whole world.

Uganda is home to 44,912,069 people. The population of Uganda is 0.58% of the global population. This East African country has the 32nd greatest population among all 196 countries around the world.

From there, the population density can be calculated. Determining the population density of Uganda involves dividing the population by the country’s total area. Uganda’s population density is an estimated 483 people per square mile.

Official Name
Republic of Uganda
Common Name
241,550 km²
Bordering Countries
DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania
Calling Code
1, 32
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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