Where is Uzbekistan in the World?

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Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a sovereign state. Surrounded by land in every direction, Uzbekistan shares borders with five other countries. Known more formally as the Republic of Uzbekistan, the country is a collective entity of 12 unique and individual provinces. Uzbekistan was initially considered to be Transoxiana and Turan, but the country became what it is today in December of 1992.

GPS Coordinates and Borders of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located at a latitude of 41.3775° N and a longitude of 64.5853° E. Based on the GPS coordinates alone; it is evident that Uzbekistan lies above the equator. In the north, Uzbekistan shares a border with Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan’s northeastern border lies along Kyrgyzstan. Afghanistan is to the south of Uzbekistan whereas Turkmenistan is to the southwest edge of Uzbekistan. At the southeasternmost point, Uzbekistan shares a border with Tajikistan.

Total Area, Population, and Density of Uzbekistan

The total area of Uzbekistan is approximately 278,001.47 square miles. Of this whole area, an estimated number of 264,331.31 square miles is made up of land. The remaining 13,670.16 square miles are water regions throughout the country. Uzbekistan is 95.1% land and 4.9% water.

The population of Uzbekistan, as of 2018, is about 35,603,443 people, which accounts for nearly 0.42% of the world’s entire population. As the 44th most populated country around the world, approximately 35% of Uzbekistan’s residents call the cities home. The majority of the populations live in the suburbs and outskirts of towns.

By taking the population of Uzbekistan and dividing it by the total area, we can uncover just how densely populated the country is, as well as compare it to the densities of other countries around the world. After performing the calculation, the value of the population density is about 128, meaning there are about 128 people per square mile of the area in Uzbekistan.

Highest and Lowest Levels of Elevation

The lowest point of elevation is located in the Sariqarnish Kuli Lake at a negative altitude of 39 feet below sea level. Only a quarter of the Sariqarnish Kuli Lake lies within Uzbekistan’s borders. The border separating Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan passes through the southern part of the lake, so a quarter of the water is part of northern Uzbekistan while the rest of the lake is situated in the southernmost areas of Turkmenistan. The highest point of elevation in Uzbekistan is atop the mountain, Khazret Sultan, with an altitude of 15,233 feet above sea level. The Khazret Sultan mountain is part of the Surkhandarya Province, which is located on the border that separates Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Official Name
Republic of Uzbekistan
Common Name
447,400 km²
Bordering Countries
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
Calling Code
41, 64
Central Asia, South Central Asia

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