Where is Vietnam in the World?

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[Vietnam](https://www.britannica.com/place/Vietnam) is a country in the southeast of Asia. Surrounded by land in the west and water to the east, Vietnam has easy access to the Gulf of Tonkin. Laos borders Vietnam in the northwest and Cambodia borders Vietnam in the southwest.

Location on a Map: GPS Coordinates of Vietnam

The GPS coordinates are comprised of the latitude of 14.0583° N and a longitude of 108.2772° E. This places Vietnam in the eastern and northern hemispheres. The latitude reflects whether a country is located above or below the equator. With a latitudinal coordinate in the north, Vietnam is also north of the equatorial plane.

Most Extreme Points in Four Cardinal Directions

The northernmost point of Vietnam is located in the town of Lung Cu. With a latitudinal coordinate of 23°22' N, Vietnam has the 95th most extreme point in the north in comparison to the rest of the world.

When it comes to the southernmost point of Vietnam, there are two viable candidates for the most extreme point of the country. On the mainland, Vietnam stretches as south as Cape Cà Mau on the Cà Mau Peninsula. This point is at a latitude of 08°35' N. The other extreme point to the south is only a ten-minute distance from Cape Cà Mau. With a latitude of 08°25' N, this point is not on the mainland. Instead, it is on the Hon Sao Island.

The easternmost point of Vietnam is situated at a longitude of 109°30' E. As the 24th most eastern point of countries in the world, Vietnam’s easternmost point is located on the Hon Gom Peninsula in the province of Khánh Hòa. In the west, Vietnam reaches as far as a longitudinal coordinate of 102°08' E. This eastern extremity is in the Điện Biên Province where it touches the shared border between Laos, China, and Vietnam.

Total Area, Population Size, and Overall Density

The total area of Vietnam is 127,880 square miles. About 119,718 of the total square mileage of Vietnam are made up of land. The remaining 8,162 square miles are attributable to water, in the form of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Vietnam’s total area is the 65th largest total area in comparison to the other 196 countries in the world.

Vietnam’s population as of 2018 is approximately 96,939,864 people, which is about 1.26% of the global population. The population density of Vietnam is about 758 people per square mile of the country’s total area.

Official Name
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Common Name
331,212 km²
Bordering Countries
Cambodia, China, Laos
Calling Code
16.16666666, 107.83333333
South-Eastern Asia

Where is Vietnam in the World?

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