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Bing Users by Country 2024

In a world where access to the Internet is increasingly considered an essential resource, search engines are more important than ever. However, while Google is still the most popular, widely used search engine by a landslide, Microsoft’s Bing is a major contender with a considerable number of loyal users to its credit.

Here’s a closer look at which countries worldwide have the highest numbers of Bing users, as well as a few potential contributing factors that could affect those statistics.

Countries with the Most Bing Users Worldwide

Globally speaking, approximately 1.1 billion people currently use Bing. The following are some of the countries with the highest relative numbers of Bing users as of 2023.

United States

With around 627.8 million unique users, the United States accounts for around 29.61 percent of Bing’s monthly traffic, making it the country with the most Bing users. Likely reasons for this include the fact that Microsoft is an American company, as well as the fact that Bing integrates well with popular Windows computers and devices.


As is the case in the United States, Google is by far the most popular search engine in India. However, Bing remains a popular alternative, especially among younger, urban Indian populations more likely to speak English. Currently, around 250.70 million Indians use Bing, accounting for around 11.82 percent of its traffic.


With around 185.40 unique users, Brazil accounts for about 8.74 percent of Bing’s traffic. Brazilians love Bing for its accessibility, ease of use, and prioritization of localized content results.

Other countries with a fairly high concentration of Bing users overall include Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, and Poland.

Factors Contributing to National Rates of Bing Usage

As is the case with the widespread adoption of any new technology, certain factors likely contribute to the number of search engine users within a country that choose Bing over the alternatives. Here are some examples.

Microsoft Device Integration

As Bing is well-integrated with Microsoft devices, as well as any device running Windows, it tends to be more popular in countries where such options are popular.


In non-English-speaking countries, Bing’s localization features are often helpful to users interested in content specifically tailored to where they live.

Default Agreements

Bing partnerships with certain device manufacturers, internet service providers, and more can mean it’s the default search engine associated with those options. People without specific search engine preferences often tend to go with the default option, so countries with more of these partnerships in place may see higher Bing usage rates.

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Bing Monthly Traffic (millions)
Share of Global Traffic
United States627.8029.61%
United Kingdom100.904.76%

How many people are using Bing worldwide?

Around 1.1 billion people in the world use the Bing search engine.

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