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Countries that Don't Wear Bras 2024


Japan is a country in East Asia that is known for its unique culture and customs. One aspect of this culture has always been beauty and fashion standards, which includes the surprising fact that it is very common for women to not wear bras, even in public. This is due to the popularity of traditional Japanese clothing, such as Kimonos, which initially did not require a bra. The standard for Japanese women at this time was centered around comfort, and some find they cannot sacrifice this for appearing bustier.

While Brassieres may be common in the West, Japanese women have different beauty standards when compared to other countries, especially those that are dominant in the media. For example, Japanese women are revered for small and pert breasts. This is in stark contrast to American culture, which has lingerie of all shapes and sizes that helps to "push-up" or otherwise obfuscates the actual size of their breasts.

In short, Japanese women do not feel the pressure of wearing bras in order to enhance their size or appearance.


India is a country in South Asia, and as such, is known for extremely diverse cultures and customs. Much like in Japan, it may be surprising to find that many women do not wear bras. This is not only due to tradition, but as one of the two largest countries in the world by population size, it may seem reasonable that the nominal amount would be much higher than usual. Traditional Indian clothing, such as saris, does not require the use of a bra as the body is naturally supported.

The beauty standards in India also differ from those of Japan and the west. While the Japanese find small and perky breasts to be attractive, Indian culture places importance on large breasts, as they could be a sign of fertility and their value as a partner. As such, many women do not feel the need to wear a bra if they are otherwise supported by other clothing, in order to show their prominence.


Peru is a country in South America that has a rich and mysterious history, including Macchu Pichu, where scientists are still awe-stricken as to the organization it would have taken to make cities and agricultural locations of that size using primitive technologies. Much like India and Japan, Peruvian women do not often wear bras, even in public. Ponchos and Shawls are traditional clothing in Peru, which are extremely loose and do not shape the wearer's figure. This means that not only is a bra not required for support, but it also would not make a difference aesthetically.

Peruvian beauty standards are more focused on cultural factors, such as traditional roles, clothing, and colorful items. Peruvian society, therefore, does not place an emphasis on the wearing of Bras. In addition, women are more focused on feeling comfortable, whereas bras are notoriously known for pinching and making the area more painful, especially after long periods of time.

  • It is highly unlikely that any country exists in which all women either do or do not wear bras. As such, countries listed below are those anecdotally believed to be where bralessness is most common. It is entirely possible for bralessness to occur in countries not listed.
  • Women may choose to go braless for several varied reasons:
  • For comfort, especially in hot climates
  • Because laid-back cultural attitudes mean going braless is unremarkable
  • Because it may be redundant with other clothing (especially in religiously strict countries such as Afghanistan, where women must often wear head-to-toe burqas)
  • As a response to what they feel are unrealistic standards of beauty or unequal gender norms
  • As a matter of health, bras can decrease circulation and cause breast soreness and skin problems, though going braless can cause back soreness
  • Because of finances, in lower income societies, bras may be viewed as an unnecessary expense

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