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Countries with AK-47 on Their Flag 2024

Mozambique’s Quest for Peace

Mozambique’s quest for peace comes with a note of war, as one of the countries with an AK-47 on flags or coats of arms. This flag goes back to 1983, and crosses with a hoe. Many countries will have this symbol. A hoe and a rifle mean something individually, and on flags or coats of arms, they often appear together.

The hoe and rifle symbol suggest a merging of peace to war and war to peace. These symbols are found on the coat of arms of Mozambique. The green in Mozambique’s flag symbolizes growth, the black for Africa, and the red for blood.

East Timor’s Bow and Spear

The flag for East Timor was adopted in 2002 and changed when East Timor gained sovereignty. It represents over 400 years of a repressed people in its yellow symbols for independence and red for the blood of the East Timor people. White in the flag symbolizes the light and hope for what lies ahead for East Timor.

On the coat of arms is the AK-47 and a spear, both symbols of independence. The country struggled during a 30-year war trying to gain independence from Indonesia, and this resulted in a symbol on the coat of arms in victory. With the help of the United Nations, East Timor became its own land in 1999 and its new flag and coat of arms symbolizes those struggles.

Zimbabwe’s 15-Year War

When you see countries with AK-47 on flags, the meaning is clear. It is a weapon of war and Zimbabwe is no different. Zimbabwe holds this symbol on its coat of arms, where again you see the symbol of a hoe and rifle merging. For Zimbabwe, the struggle was 15 years long and the rifle was an important component of the struggle.

On the flag are the colors green, red, black, and gold. The flag also has a bird, and a star with five points. The bird is a symbol of a statue found at the Great Zimbabwe ruins, a sign of the history of the country. The star is about hope and promise and mostly hope about the future. However, it does have socialist roots but a socialist theme that aspires to move towards peace. The wreath on the flag of Zimbabwe represents the mining industry of the country which is a mainstay in the Zimbabwe economy. Also on the flag is an Earth mound, which symbolizes food and shelter, a symbol that Zimbabwe takes care of its people.

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AK-47 Present
Color Scheme
Year Adopted
MozambiqueYesGreen, black, yellow, and red1983MZ Flag

How many countries have AK-47s on their flags?

Mozambique is the only country with an AK-47 on its flag. However, this imagery is present on the coat of arms of two other countries.

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