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Countries with Eagle Flags 2024

The eagle is seen by many as a symbol of courage, power, and freedom. So, it makes sense that so many countries display eagles on their national flag.

Albania's national flag, which was adopted in 1912, is red with a black silhouette of a centered double-headed eagle. The red in the Albanian flag symbolizes bravery, strength, and freedom.

The current Mexican flag was adopted in 1968. The Mexican flag has a tricolor of red, white, and green vertical stripes with a coat of arms in the center of the white band. The eagle stands in the coat of arms and holds a snake in its beak.

The revised Serbian flag wasn't adopted until 2010 but has been used for over 200 years. A coat of arms that includes a golden crown and a double-headed white eagle on the hoist side.

Moldova has been using the same flag since 1990. On the Moldovan flag, there are three vertical bands of red, yellow, and blue. The flag's center has a coat of arms with an eagle holding a Christian cross in its beak.

The Egyptian flag has red, white, and black stripes, representing the Egyptian Revolution and the country's independence. Centered on Egypt's national flag is the eagle of Saladin.

The flag of Kazakhstan was adopted in 1992 after it became the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. The Kaahstan flag is a bright blue with 32 rays of sun shining over a golden steppe eagle with wings outspread.

The American Samoa adopted its national flag in 1960. The Samoan flag bears a brown and white American bald eagle that symbolizes protection and friendship with the United States.

The national flag of Montenegro was first introduced in 1905 with different colors than the current version. The Montenegrin national flag has a double-headed eagle holding a globus cruciger and a scepter in its claws.

The Virgin Islands first adopted its national flag in 1921. Virgin Island's flag has a golden eagle stretched between the letters "V" and "I" that presents the country's name.

  • The two-headed eagle, also known as the 'double eagle', was the emblem of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Empire, and the Russian Empire, and still appears on many Eastern European flags today.
  • Countries whose alternate flags feature an eagle but whose main flag does not, such as Germany, are not listed.

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Has Eagle Flag
Additional Details
Stylized two-headed black eagle centered on a field of red.
AL Flag
American Samoa
Sideways-flying bald eagle holding scepter and branch, at right side of a field of dark blue with a ...
AS Flag
Gold eagle with shield and banner centered on a field of horizontal stripes of red, white, and black...
EG Flag
Yellow soaring eagle under yellow sun on a light blue field.
KZ Flag
Brown eagle perched on cactus and holding snake in its beak, centered on field of vertical stripes o...
MX Flag
Brown eagle with cross in its beak and holding a scepter and branch, centered on field of vertical s...
MD Flag
Two-headed golden eagle with shield and crown centered on red field.
ME Flag
Two-headed white eagle in crest on field of horizontal stripes of red, blue, and white
RS Flag
United States Virgin Islands
Gold eagle centered on a white field and holding arrows and a branch in its talons.
VI Flag
orange-gold eagle in upper right corner of a green field, above vertical stripes of red, black, and ...
ZM Flag