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Countries with Flags without Red, White, or Blue 2024


Among the rare national flags without red white or blue the Jamaican national flag is the most widely known. The Jamaican flag is easy to recognize, and not only because it is one of those flags without red white or blue, although that doesn't hurt. What really helps the national flag of Jamaica stand out, however, is its unique color scheme highlighted by the big yellow-gold x that runs through the center of the flag all the way to each corner.

The saltire (thx) creates four juxtaposed triangles, with the hoist and fly ends being black triangles while the top and bottom are green. This unique design is also more than eye-catching and offers a beautiful meaning to its people. Even the date the flag was adopted as the national flag represents the date of Jamaica's independence - August 6, 1962. It is the message of the flag and symbol though, which speaks volumes.

The meaning of the flag is officially interpreted as "The sun shineth; the land is green; and the people are strong and creative." The gold x is the representation of the natural beauty of the country, green is for Jamaica's hope and agricultural resources, while black symbolizes the creativity and strength of Jamaica. And yes, that makes it one of those flags without red white or blue too.


While the name recognition of Mauritania probably doesn't rival Jamaica's, this South African country is on the very short list of those that have flags without red white or blue in them. Mauritania also has more than 4 million citizens, making it the 11 largest on the continent.

The colors of Mauritania's flag are simply green and gold. Green is the color used to symbolize the faith of its people, while gold represents the golden sands of the Sahara. Considering that the majority of the country is located in the Sahara desert, that also makes sense. It also makes it the second country to lay claim to a flag that is absent the colors red, white, or blue.

...and Libya?

While this one isn't official yet (and may never be), there is a faction of the country that hails allegiance to Libya's solid green flag. The problem is there is another flag that is also (and perhaps more commonly) recognized, so this one is in a state of still to be determined. There it is, and if you are counting, that officially makes two countries that have flags without red white or blue.

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Without Red, White, or Blue
JamaicaJM Flag
LibyaLY Flag
MauritaniaMR Flag

Which countries have flags without red, white, or blue?

Most countries have flags with red, white, or blue. Jamaica and Mauritania are the only two countries that officially lack these colors in their flags.

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