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Countries with Red, White, and Blue Flags with One Star 2024

Red, white, and blue are popular colors to use on flags because of the more profound history and symbolism these colors have come to represent. A handful of countries choose to utilize red, white, and blue in their flag with the addition of one star, usually added to the upper left corner or left portion of the flag.

Puerto Rico uses a red, white, blue, and one-star flag. The body of the flag features five red and white stripes, with three red stripes and two white stripes. The left portion of the flag features a triangle of blue, with the point of the triangle, pointed toward the center of the flag. Inside the blue triangle is a single white star.

Similarly, Liberia also has a red, white, and blue flag with a single white star. This flag has 11 red and white stripes, with a red stripe featured as the first and last stripe on the flag. A small blue rectangle is located in the flag's upper left corner. Within the blue rectangle is a single, white star.

What States Use a Red, White, and Blue Flag with One Star?

While it is popular for countries to have a red, white, and blue flag with one star, this design is also famously featured on the state flag of Texas. In the United States, each state will have a flag that represents the people and history of the state. Texas's state flag features two bold stripes of red and white, with the top stripe white and the bottom stripe red. To the left of the flag is a single blue band that runs from the top of the flag to the bottom. Within the blue vertical stripe is a single white star.

The colors used for the state flag in Texas were explicitly chosen to represent the people of Texas. The red and white stripes represent both courage and liberty, while the blue vertical rectangle is meant to represent loyalty. An interesting fact about the state flag of Texas is that this flag is the only state flag that also represented an independent country at one point in its history.

What Other Flag Designs are Similar?

Several flags have adopted the red, white, and blue colors with a single star. A prominent example of this flag design is Cuba. The national flag for Cuba features white and blue stripes with a red triangle in the left portion of the flag. Inside the red triangle is a single white star.

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Flag Description
ParaguayYesStacked horizontal bands of (from top) red, white, and blue. Centered in the white band is one of two designs, depending upon which side of the flag is in view. The coat of arms (a five-pointed gold star surrounded by green fronds and the words "Republica del Paraguay") or the seal of the treasury (a lion sitting near a pole topped with a red hat, all surrounded by the words "Paz Y Justicia").PY Flag
North KoreaYesRed field framed by thick blue and thin white stripes at the top and bottom. Slightly left of center rests a white circle with a single red, five-pointed star in its middle.KP Flag
MalaysiaYes14 stacked horizontal stripes of alternating red (7) and white (7), with a dark blue rectangle in the upper left/hoist corner. Inside the blue rectangle is a gold crescent moon and 14-pointed sun (which is a star).MY Flag
CubaStacked horizontal stripes of (from top) blue, white, blue, white, and blue, overlaid by a red triangle aligned along the left/hoist edge and with a single five-pointed white star in its center.CU Flag
ChileHalf-white (top), half-red (bottom) field with blue rectangle in upper left and a single white, five-pointed star in the center of the blue rectangle.CL Flag
Liberia11 stacked horizontal stripes of alternating red (6) and white (5), with a dark blue square in the upper left/hoist corner and a single white five-pointed star inside the square.LR Flag

Which countries have red, white, and blue flags with one star?

Currently, Cuba and Liberia are the only countries that have red, white, and blue flags that feature just one star.

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