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Countries with Square Flags 2024

Flags are best known for being a country's symbol that represents the nation's past, present, and future mission. Out of 193 sovereign national flags, 190 of them are rectangular.

Square flags represent faith and trust. For example, the Christian flag is square-shaped and symbolizes baptism, heaven, faith, and trust.

Only two countries have adopted square flags as their national symbol.

Vatican City State's flag is square and believed to imply spiritual completeness. The flag is also adorned with one gold band and one yellow band. The gold band symbolizes the golden key, and the white band represents the silver key.

Within the white band are the crossed keys of Saint Peter, the Papal Tiara, and the Papal Coat of Arms.

Switzerland's national flag is square-shaped with a centered white cross. Adopted in 1840, Switzerland's flag traditionally stood for freedom, honor, and fidelity. In modern times, the square national flag stands for neutrality, democracy, peace, and refuge.

The Nepal national flag has an unusual shape of a double-pennant design. Nepal's flag has a sun and crescent moon displayed on two joined red pennons.

The remaining 190 flags are rectangular shaped. The reasoning behind rectangle-shaped flags is that they catch wind best, which makes the flag easy to see.

The United States flag is rectangular with fifty white stars and 13 horizontal stripes, 7 of which are red, and the other six are white.

Designed in 1776, the US flag is meant to represent freedom and liberty.

The national flag of the United Kingdom is referred to as the Union Jack. It's rectangular-shaped and combines the crosses from the three countries under one sovereign: England, Wales, and Ireland.

Other countries with rectangular flags include Australia, Benin, Belarus, Malaysia, Madagascar, New Zealand, Panama, Oman, Austria, Denmark, Albania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and more.

  • While several country flags include squares as a design element (Chile, Greece, Liberia, Togo, Uruguay), only two country flags are square overall.

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Square Flags
Additional Details
The Swiss flag features a white gross on a square red field.
CH Flag
Vatican CityYes
Vatican City's flag is bisected by two vertical bands, one yellow and the other white. The white sid...
VA Flag