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Countries with Dragon Flags 2024

Bhutan Has a Dragon on the Flag

Bhutan is a country with dragon flag symbolism, and the dragon blends well with Bhutan’s orange and yellow coloring. The Bhutan flag is a beautiful orange and yellow flag with two colors in opposite triangles to each other and a white stenciled dragon in the middle of the two colors.

The orange on the flag represents Buddhism, a color of fire and power. The yellow on the flag is a traditional color of Bhutan and is said to represent the traditions of the country.

The dragon on this flag is wearing a unique item, and that is called a Kabney. This is white in color to signify the purity of consciousness of the Bhutan people. The dragon also has multiple gems on it in order to indicate the hopes for the prosperity of Bhutan. The dragon also symbolizes a sense of security for Bhutan and indicates this with a snarl to show to predators or enemies of the nation that the nation is at the ready for arms if necessary.

The Dragon on the Flag of Wales

Wales in the United Kingdom also has a dragon on the flag, but this one is a little more energetic than the dragons on the Bhutan flag. This dragon is read against a white background of one stripe and green background of another. This dragon comes from the days of King Henry VII who brought the dragon symbol into battle in many ways.

The dragon itself is believed to be an icon of the Roman Empire when the Romans came to the United Kingdom and implemented the fiery dragon for battle. This reportedly inspired King Henry VII to bring the dragon to battle. He was not the first king to use it, as King Henry V used dragon symbolism in Agincourt as well. Henry Tudor was also famous for implementing the dragon symbol on Saint Paul’s Cathedral after his own victory. In the United Kingdom, and particularly Wales, dragons are also an indicator of victory at battle.

Malta’s Dragon Flag

Malta is a country with dragon flag symbolism as well, but this one is a little more unique. In this flag, there are the colors red and white side by side and a tiny cross in the upper left corner with a dragon on the cross. The dragon sits at the center of the cross and is believed to have been a dragon that Saint George fought and won over.

The Saint George’s Cross is since awarded to the people of Malta when recognizing bravery.

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Dragon Flag
Additional Details
BhutanYesBT Flag
A dragon is prominently displayed on the flag of Bhutan in the middle of a background made up an ora...
MaltaYesMT Flag
A very close look at the Maltese flag will reveal an unexpected dragon. The flag is made up of two c...

Which countries have dragons on their flag?

Bhutan, Wales, and Malta are all countries that currently have dragons on their flags.

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