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Diamond Production by Country 2024

1. Russia

When it comes to diamond production by country 2022, Russia is the largest producer and exporter in the world. Russia has the largest and richest resources of the precious stones. Diamond mining started in Russia in 2022, and the country has 12 open-pit mines, the most in the world. Most of Russia’s mining deposits are in the Siberian region of Yakutia. The largest diamond mine in the world is also found in Yakutia. The country primarily mines diamonds through a group of companies collectively known as ALROSA.

2. Botswana

Botswana is also another large producer of diamonds in the world and holds the second position in the global list. Diamond exploration in the African nation began in the 1950s, while mining officially began in the 1970s. Although it is the second producer by volume, Botswana’s diamonds lead in value. Every year, the nation produces more than 20 million diamond carats.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the second leading producer of diamonds in Africa and the third-largest producer worldwide. The mining industry is mainly conducted by the informal sector, with more than half a million employees. The nation mines 16 million carats of diamonds every year and earns about $135 million.

4. Australia

Australia is fourth in diamond production by country 2022. Diamond mining in Australia started in the early 1980s. Over the years, the country has opened many open-pit mines rich in diamonds. Despite being a leading producer of diamonds, the deposits are slowly dwindling because of excessive mining. Nevertheless, Australia is expected to continue producing many diamond carats in the future.

5. Canada

Canada is the fifth-largest producer of diamonds. Diamond mining in the North American country started in 1998 after its discovery in 1991. Over the years, many diamond deposits have been discovered in different parts of the country. The most active open-pit diamonds mines in Canada are Ekati, Diavik, Victor, and Snap Lake. Renard and Victor are other active open-pit mines in Quebec and Ontario, respectively.

6. South Africa

South Africa initiated the modern diamond industry. Before it started mining the precious stones, diamond was not a mainstream jewel product. The nation produces about 7 million carats every year. Gauteng, a South African province, has one of the largest diamond deposits in the nation. Diamonds in South Africa are expected to increase as the government and miners continue discovering large diamond deposits and pipelines.

  • Countries with the highest production volumes in carats may not always be the countries with the highest production in terms of monetary value. Multiple factors may contribute to this relationship, such as the size and quality of diamonds produced.

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Diamond Production (carats)
Diamond Production
Value per Carat
Russia41,923,910$3.55 Bn$84.77
Botswana24,509,939$4.70 Bn$191.77
Canada16,249,218$1.88 Bn$115.56
DR Congo9,908,998$64.96 Mn$6.56
South Africa9,660,233$1.54 Bn$159.31
Angola8,763,309$1.97 Bn$224.26
Zimbabwe4,461,450$423.61 Mn$94.95
Namibia2,054,227$1.23 Bn$600.95
Lesotho727,737$314.36 Mn$431.97
Sierra Leone688,970$142.91 Mn$207.42
Tanzania375,533$110.94 Mn$295.41
Brazil158,420$30.45 Mn$192.18
Guinea128,771$6.56 Mn$50.91
Central African Republic118,044$15.17 Mn$128.55
Guyana83,382$14.00 Mn$167.95
Ghana82,500$3.80 Mn$46.04
Liberia52,165$17.79 Mn$341.12
Ivory Coast3,904$160,941$41.22
Republic of the Congo3,534$207,925$58.84
Total119,958,432$16.02 Bn

Which country produces the most diamonds?

Russia produces and exports more diamonds than any other nation, though mining only began in this country in 2022.

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