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Discord Users by Country 2024

Though Discord rose to prominence as a communication platform for gamers, it’s since become one of the primary ways for communities of all kinds to engage with one another. The platform’s popularity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic as people under lockdown and quarantine sought a way to connect safely.

Discord’s growth shows no signs of slowing, as it boasts users worldwide.

Discord Users by Country

Considering Discord was initially conceived as a gaming communication platform, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the United States has the most monthly Discord users in 2023, with 244.5 million users - equivalent to 27% of Discord’s global traffic.

Brazil holds second place with 115.9 million users or 12.8% of Discord’s monthly global traffic. Russia is next, with 39.9 million users (4.4% of monthly traffic), followed by India at 38.4 million users (4.24%). The UK also makes the list, with 34.8 million monthly users, or 3.85% of Discord’s monthly traffic.

Community-Focused Features Fuel Growth

Discord’s impressive numbers are primarily due to the platform’s implementation of features focused on user-friendliness with minimal impact on system performance. This means that users on a wide variety of devices - including basic PCs and mobile devices - can easily access the service, further enabling its growth.

Discord users can engage in voice and video calls, share screens, and create persistent chat rooms. Servers, or "guilds" as they're known in developer documentation - a callback to Discord’s gaming roots - can be created for free and managed with public visibility settings. Each server can host hundreds of thousands of users.

In 2021, Discord even partnered with YouTube to test a "Watch Together" feature, further emphasizing its identity as a tool to connect people.

Keeping the Lights On

Although Discord is free to use, the developers have found smart ways to monetize the platform without driving away users - including a subscription service known as 'Discord Nitro,' priced at $9.99 a month.

Subscribers gain access to perks like an animated avatar, custom emojis across all servers, and an increased file upload size limit. Discord also offers a more budget-friendly option called 'Discord Nitro Basic' at $2.99 a month, offering a subset of Nitro features.

No Longer Just for Gamers

Discord's global reach and feature-rich platform make it an excellent choice for communities looking to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

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Monthly Traffic (Millions)
Share of Global Traffic
United States244.5026.98%
United Kingdom34.803.85%

Which country uses Discord most?

Discord is most popular in the United States of America. Users in the U.S. account for roughly 27% of all platform traffic.

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