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DMCA Ignored Countries 2024


The Netherlands is popularly known for its strict abidance to laws governing its citizens' freedom of speech and privacy. This country also operates based on the copyrights law within its jurisdictions and tends to ignore DMCA. Unlike in the United States, hosting companies in Singapore can choose the content to allow.

For instance, most hosts will never take down politically motivated websites, but some will do so after receiving a DMCA notice. Such notices are standard and don't apply to specific countries, and by sticking to reliable hosts, you will be fine.


Like the Netherlands, Luxembourg values freedom of speech, which is evident in its progressive copyright laws. The country is strict on its local copyright infringement laws than US-DMCA notices, meaning that the chances you'll be indicted following a DMCA notice are slim. Also, Luxembourg's cost of living is high, and most DMCA attorneys prefer to follow up on cases from other countries.


Even with the fall of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria doesn't respect United States laws. They openly defy copyright laws and will never take down DMCA content regardless of the risks. However, there are chances your hosting provider may give you up to authorities with enough financial incentives.

This is primarily because of their high global corruption ranking. Therefore, if you plan to host political content in Bulgaria, it's best to avoid the eastern countries and focus more on the western democratic countries.


If you decide to host a politically motivated website in Russia, the government will automatically shut it down. In recent years, bloggers and political figures in Russia who run such websites have been incarcerated. However, they don't pay any attention to any United States copyright laws. Russia is among the few countries where piracy is rampant and highly tolerated.

Hong Kong

Geographically, Hong Kong is part of China, but it has retained its jurisdictional independence. This means that you don't need to seek a unique identification number from the government before hosting your website, which is the case with mainland China. This makes Hong Kong a DCMA content-friendly country, especially for those who want to host political content.

Additionally, the ongoing tension between Hong Kong and China makes it unlikely that your website will receive a DMCA notice, as most hosts tend to ignore it.


In Singapore, you will not face jail time if you host content protected by DMCA, as the country's government shows leniency to hosting providers. As a result, businesses looking to expand DMCA ignored hosting in the East Asia markets have found Singapore a great location. While you may be safe from United States laws, you risk the Singapore law being used against you.


Malaysia is the best country for anyone looking for protection against indictment by DMCA lawyers. Here, host hosting providers offer hosting services with 100% anonymity and untraceable account offering cryptocurrency payments. The only copyright infringement laws in Malaysia are the country's laws, making this destination a perfect location for serving oceanic and East Asia countries.

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What countries do not follow DMCA?

There are currently 7 countries that are ignored by the DMCA: Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, and Singapore.

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