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Palladium Production by Country 2024

Palladium is a naturally occurring metal crucial to various industries worldwide. These include the automotive industry, the jewelry industry, and multiple chemical industries. However, palladium is also precious and somewhat rare, so its actual production can vary greatly from one country to the next.

Here’s a look at the top palladium-producing countries around the world, as well as a variety of different factors that can influence a nation’s production capabilities.

Top Palladium-Producing Countries Around the World

As of 2023, the following countries are among the top global producers of palladium.

South Africa

With a production yield of around 80,000 metric tons, South Africa is currently the world’s top palladium producer by quite a bit, with its Bushveld Igneous Complex standing out as a particularly abundant source.

In South Africa, palladium is mostly mined as a byproduct of the country’s ample platinum mining efforts.


With a production yield of around 74,000 metric tons, Russia is the second-largest world producer of palladium. Like South Africa, Russia owes its world position to one particularly abundant source – its sprawling Norilsk region.

Currently, Norilsk Nickel – one of Russia’s largest and best-known mining companies – is responsible for the bulk of production.


Canada’s Ontario province is particularly abundant when it comes to palladium stores, making it the third-largest world producer with a yield of 17,000 metric tons. Another reason Canada stands out as a highly desirable palladium source is its ongoing dedication to responsible mining.

United States

Although still something of an emerging force in the world palladium industry, the United States is currently the world’s fourth-largest producer with a yield of 14,000 metric tons. Palladium-rich locations throughout the state of Montana have contributed greatly to U.S. production efforts.

Factors Affecting Palladium Production from Country to Country

The presence or lack of abundant natural palladium ore caches is a fundamental influence on whether a country can become a reliable producer. However, there are other factors to consider, as well. They include examples like the following:

  • Available Mining Tech: Even in the presence of rich palladium stores, a country needs access to efficient technology and labor forces to make safe, effective extraction possible.
  • Financial Trends: During periods when palladium prices soar, palladium-producing countries have an added incentive to double down on their ongoing efforts.
  • Environmental Concerns: Rising concern for the environment and ethics issues related to certain mining practices can drastically impact palladium production within a specific country.
  • Additional unlisted countries produced a collective 3000 tons of Palladium in 2021.

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2021 Production (tons)
2020 Production (tons)
South Africa80,00073,500
United States14,00014,600

How much palladium is left in the world?

The global surplus of palladium, an important metal in electronic and fuel cells, is an estimated 7 million ounces. South Africa has the most palladium at roughly 80,000 metric tons.

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