Population by Country in 2010

In 2010, the global population was recorded at 6,985,603,105. This figure was heavily influenced by the populations of China and India, the two most populous countries, which together accounted for a third of the world's population. China's population stood at 1,370,536,875 with a median age of 33 and an average annual growth rate of 0.57% over the preceding decade. India's population, meanwhile, was 1,240,613,620, making up 1.45% of the global total.

The United States, according to the Census Bureau, had a population of 308.7 million in 2010, marking nearly a 10% increase from 2000. Notably, the 2020 census reported that every state in the US had a population exceeding 500,000 for the first time in history.

Indonesia ranked as the fourth most populous country in 2010 with 31,376,831 people, with over half of its residents living on the island of Java. Pakistan, with 2.78% of the global population, had 194,454,498 people and a population density of 321.3 people per square mile.

Nigeria reported a population of 158,503,000 in 2010, having increased by 4,178,000 from the previous year. Brazil, the seventh most populated country, had a population of 216,422,446 by 2023. The eighth position was held by Bangladesh with 148,600,000 people in 2010, and a high population density of 1,100 people per square kilometer.

Mexico's population saw a significant increase from 28,296,000 in 1950 to 117,886,000 in 2010, attributed to a stable birth rate, advancements in technology, and improved social services and healthcare. In contrast, Russia experienced a population decrease of 0.7% to 142.9 million in 2010. Despite being the largest country by area, Russia has a low population density due to the expansive northern tundra.

Finally, Japan reached its peak population in 2010 with 128.1 million people. However, by 2023, the population had declined to 125.4 million, marking its lowest since 1900.

Which country had the highest population in 2010?

The country with the biggest population in 2010 was China. India came in a close second.

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