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Which Country Has the Tallest Buildings in 2024?

Just when you didn’t think buildings could get any taller, Dubai has the Burj Khalifa planted on its land. This United Arab Emirates skyscraper became the world's tallest structure in 2010.

The Burj Khalifa reaches 2717 feet (828 meters) from its main entryway to the tip, not including the antenna. Total height with antenna, flagpole and other equipment reaches 2,723 (829.8 meters). The highest occupied floor is 1921 feet (585.4 meters).

What is in “The Burj”?

You don’t have to call the Burj Khalifa by its full name. Just “The Burj” is acceptable. Most people will know what you mean. It features hotels, residences, a restaurant, and other amenities.

The Armani Hotel

The Armani Hotel designed by Giorgio Armani takes up the entire 38th and 39th floors and levels 1-8. With the concourse (main entrance/lobby area) and ground levels, this equals a total of 160 rooms.

On levels 9-16, that’s where the Armani Residences are located. This totals 144 suites, which oftentimes are booked as long-term hotel stays.

There’s also the Residential Lounge on level 123, which is about halfway between the 37 Corporate Suites. These suites are found on levels 112-121 and 125-154. There’s also 900 more rooms called “The Residence.” These homes are on levels 19-37, 43-72 and 76-108. There’s also a Sky Lobby on levels 43-44 and 76-77.

The At.mosphere Restaurant

The At.mosphere also exists on the 122nd floor. It features both a lounge for relaxing and a private dining space only open to 16 guests at a time. Breakfast items include just about any combination of milk and coffee you could ask for.

They also serve specialty green, black and oolong drinks either flavored or unflavored. Morning desserts also have made their way into the At.mostphere menu. Lunch items include both cold and hot seafood dishes, lamb, steak, and vegan or vegetarian items.

Dinner dishes include seafood as well, including salmon, oysters and scallops. Different cuts of steak, lamb and other meats prepared in a variety of ways also are a part of the dinner menu.

The World's Highest Swimming Pool

CNN Travel reports that Burj Khalifa has the world’s highest swimming pool. It’s on the 76th floor, which is about 885 feet (270 meters) high.

The Burj structure has four other swimming pools in it. Two of them are on The Concourse level at the hotel and at “The Club.” The third is on level 43, and the fourth is on “The Club” rooftop.

Lookout Points

On level 148, you would experience the highest lookout point that the Burj Dubai has. It offers you a view of the sky, city, trees, birds and more. When it’s dark, you’ll take in what could be described as one of the most spectacular light displays ever.

This level-148 lookout reaches 1821 feet (555 meters) into the air. That’s not the only vantage point you can enjoy, however. Levels 124 and 125 also provide sweeping vistas of the Dubai city center too.


The Burj has a health club on The Club annex and a spa on level 3. A park also surrounds the Burj outside, where some trees you would view from the lookout points are. There’s also an open-air pavilion that hosts entertainment venues that provides a direct view to the ever-popular Dubai Fountain.

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What country has the 15 tallest buildings?

The 15 tallest buildings in the world are located in countries around the world, many of which are in China, but the tallest in the world is the Burj Khalifa, which is located in Dubai.

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