Catalina Island Population 2024

What is the population of Catalina Island?

Catalina Island, which is officially known as Santa Catalina Island, has a population of just over 4,200 people. It has a population density of only 55 residents per square mile. This makes it one of the least densely populated areas in Los Angeles County. In fact, Catalina's population density is far below the overall population density of Los Angeles County, which is 2,430 residents per square mile.

How has Santa Catalina Island's population changed?

Catalina's population has not changed very much for decades. This is because the vast majority of the Island is a nature conservancy that is not available for development. Only around 10% of the Island is available for residential developments. The vast majority of the land that can be developed has already been built on.

In 2010, the Catalina's population was recorded as just over 4,000 people. This means that the population has only grown by five percent in over a decade. While this is a slow rate of growth for an American region, it is actually much quicker than the growth of Los Angeles County during this same time period. The population of Los Angeles County has only grown by about half a percent since 2010.

What are the projections for Santa Catalina Island's population?

Like Los Angeles County as a whole, the Catalina Island population 2023 is actually projected to decrease. This reflects not only the population trends of Los Angeles, but the trend of the entire region. Los Angeles County is losing about one percent of its residents every year. Catalina is also projected to lose about one percent of its residents each year.

The demographics of Santa Catalina Island

Catalina has long been known for its affluent population. This can be explained by the Island's desirability and its limited land, which create high real estate prices. In fact, the median home value in Catalina is nearly $500,000. This means that only affluent people can afford to own a home on the Island, while less affluent people have to rent. The median household income in Catalina is over $77,000 per year. This is much higher than the average household income in the United States, which is roughly $70,000. Only 477 people in Catalina are below the federal poverty line. It is also important to note that the percentage of Catalina residents who are below the poverty line is decreasing rapidly.