Where Is Corsica Located?

Corsica is an island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the 18 regions of France, and it is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. It is directly beneath the mainland of France, and it is situated to the west of the Italian peninsula. To the north of Corsica is Sardinia. Sardinia is the closest major landmass to Corsica. Even though Corsica is relatively close to Italy, it is technically part of France. Because Corsica is a significant distance away from the mainland of France, it also enjoys significantly greater autonomy when compared to the other regional collectives in France.

How Many People Live On Corsica?

The population of Corsica is relatively limited because there is a large chain of mountains that makes up two-thirds of the island. In 2022, Corsica will have a population of approximately 350,000 people. While the population has been stable for the past few years, it has enjoyed a steady upward trajectory.

Has Corsica Always Been a Part of France?

No, Corsica has not always been a part of France. For approximately five hundred years, Corsica was ruled by the Republic of Genoa. It was part of Genoa from 1284 to 1755. In 1755, it seceded to become an independent republic. Eventually, Genoa ceded Corsica to Louis XV of France as a way to pay off the debt owed to the French Empire. Therefore, it became a part of France. At the time, Genoa had asked France to intervene and the revolution on Corsica, and France brought in the military to suppress the revolt. Eventually, France obtained Corsica from Genoa as payment for its services.

Who Is the Most Famous Person From Corsica?

Without a doubt, the most famous person from Corsica was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the emperor of France, and he ruled over a significant majority of the European continent during the early 19th century. While he tried to take all of Europe, he invaded Russia and eventually failed. The first time he was exiled, he returned from exile to rule again. He was defeated a second time and exiled permanently. There are still a lot of exhibits on Corsica that pay homage to Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy that he left on the continent.

What Are The Best Things To Do in Corsica?

There are plenty of fun things for people to do in Corsica. For example, lots of people love to relax on its tropical beaches. The sand is very white, and the Mediterranean Sea is blue. It is a bit cold to swim in, but it can be refreshing during the summer. There are a lot of old settlements to explore, and many people love to visit the Calvi Citadel. It was constructed by the Republic of Genoa to defend itself against fleas arriving from the Ottoman Empire. There is a drawbridge that people can walk over, and there are cobblestone streets that always have something fun to explore.

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