Naxos Population 2024

Where Is Naxos Located?

Naxos is a Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the largest member of the Cyclades island group. It is a prominent part of Cycladic culture, and has become a popular tourist destination. It is also a significant source of emery, which is a rock that contains a significant amount of corundum. It used to be one of the most popular abrasives in the world. Overall, Naxos has a relatively warm climate. Even in the middle of the winter, the average temperature is approximately 58 degrees F. Then, during the summer, the temperature only gets up to around 80 degrees F, on average, giving the area a relatively mild climate.

How Many People Live on Naxos?

The population of the entire island is approximately 19,000 people. The largest town, and the capital of the island, is Naxos City. It has a population of approximately 7,300 people. Overall, the island is relatively sparsely populated. The entire area of the island is approximately a quarter of the size of Maui, Hawaii. The island is also approximately 7.5 times the size of Manhattan. The population has remained relatively constant during the past few decades, but the total number of people on the island at any given time is likely significantly higher than 19,000 people. The island itself has become a popular tourist destination during the past few years.

Has Naxos Always Been Considered a Greek Island?

During ancient times, the island was controlled by the Greek people; however, the island also passed back and forth between Greece and Persia during ancient times. Then, during the Middle Ages, control of the island passed to the Byzantine Empire. Eventually, Naxos became a part of the Duchy of Naxos, where it remained during the 13th and 14th centuries. Then, in 1566, the island came under the control of the Ottoman Empire. It was considered a part of the Ottoman Empire until approximately 1832, when it became a part of Greece once again. Since that time, Greece has maintained control of Naxos and the rest of the Cyclades.

What Are the Most Important Parts of the Economy on Naxos?

There are several significant drivers of the economy on Naxos. Without a doubt, the main portion of the economy is tourism. It has become a popular tourist destination, particularly among people who are interested in Greek history. There are a number of significant ruins that people enjoy exploring. This is also a great location for people who want to relax on the beach. Finally, just like all of the other Cycladic islands, it is a very windy area. Therefore, it is a popular location for people who like to go kitesurfing and windsurfing. There are a handful of sports clubs on the island, and they offer a wide variety of wind and water activities. Some of the other large economic industries on the island include agriculture and marble. The first quarry on the island opened in 550 BC.