Victoria Island Population 2024

Where Is Victoria Island Located?

Victoria Island is a very large island located in the Arctic archipelago. It is technically a part of Canada, and it is one of the largest islands in the world. It is located between the Northwest and Nunavut territories of Canada. It is the second largest island in Canada, and it is approximately twice the size of Newfoundland. It is very far North, so there are not a lot of people who live there, but the island itself is actually larger than the entire island of Great Britain. It is a little bit smaller than Honshu, one of the largest islands in Japan. The island itself was named after Queen Victoria, who served as the Sovereign of Canada from 1867 to 1901.

How Many People Live on Victoria Island?

Even though there are several hundred thousand people who live in Victoria, the population on Victoria Island is relatively small. There are just over 2,100 people who live on Victoria Island permanently, but there are visitors who come through from time to time, particularly those who want to explore the unusual climate. Because it is so far to the North, it is incredibly cold, so living on Victoria Island is very different when compared to living in some of the major metropolitan areas of Canada, such as Toronto and Montreal.

What Is the Weather Like on Victoria Island?

Victoria Island is located very far to the North, so the climate is incredibly polar. There is no month during the year that has an average temperature that is higher than 10 degrees C. During the summer, it is still very cool on Victoria Island. It rains a lot, and it gets very cold at night. When winter arrives, the temperature drops significantly. Because it is located relatively close to the North Pole, the knights are incredibly long. The sun does not come out that much, which contributes to a very cold average temperature. There is a lot of cloud cover during the fall, but the sun tends to come out more during the spring. It is not unusual for temperatures to dip below minus 30 degrees C, which can be difficult for people to manage.

What Is There To Do on Victoria Island?

Because Victoria Island is very remote, there are not a lot of tourist attractions in the area; however, there are some scientists who come to the area to study the Arctic weather. Victoria Island is notable for a very large herd of caribou, called the Island Caribou. They come to the island to graze during the summer, and there are lots of people who come to visit them. There are still some trading posts in the area, but Fort Collinson, which used to provide provisions, has been abandoned. This is also a great way for people to learn more about the history of the area. Cambridge Bay is a relatively large settlement on the island, and it provides resources for people who need them.