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AL West Teams by State 2024

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have been a part of the American League West division since 2013. And that has been bad news for most of the other AL West teams. This successful organization was originally a National League team, at one time belonging to both the NL West and Central divisions.

Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are one of the founding members of the American League West. When they started, they were also then known as the California Angels. The Angels have yet to win a title under the Los Angeles banner but have won one title ring while playing as the California Angels.

Oakland Athletics

Another original member of the AL West is the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics have struggled as of late but are no strangers to success. The Oakland Athletics have compiled more than a few titles and are the only team, aside from the Yankees, to pull off a three-peat.

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners joined the AL West in 1977. They were also one of the first expansion teams. Success in terms of World Series titles and pennants, however, has not yet been realized.

Texas Rangers

Having joined the American League West division in 1972, the Rangers were initially a part of the AL East division. They were also known as the Washington Senators up until 1971. The Rangers are also another one of the AL West teams that are still looking for its first title ring.

AL West Teams by State 2024