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Carrot Production by State 2024

Carrot Production by State 2024

When it comes to carrot production in the United States, California emerges as the undisputed leader, boasting an impressive output of around 22.9 million hundredweight (CWT) annually. This Golden State's production prowess is further highlighted by its substantial yield per acre, reaching up to 24,120 CWT, showcasing the state's favorable agricultural conditions for carrot cultivation.

While California, Washington, and Wisconsin lead the charge in carrot production in the United States, several other states also play a significant role in contributing to the nation's carrot supply. Carrots thrive in regions with favorable climates and soil conditions, allowing for cultivation in various parts of the country. States like Texas, Michigan, and Colorado stand out as additional hubs where carrots are grown commercially, each benefiting from unique environmental factors that support their carrot farming industries.

Texas, with its vast agricultural lands and diverse climate, provides an ideal environment for carrot cultivation. The state's mild winters and ample sunshine create favorable conditions for carrot growth, allowing for a substantial annual yield. Similarly, Michigan's temperate climate and fertile soils make it conducive to carrot farming, with the state boasting a considerable production volume. Colorado, known for its high-altitude plains and nutrient-rich soil, is another key player in the carrot production landscape. The state's cooler temperatures and adequate water resources support robust carrot growth, enabling farmers to yield significant quantities of this nutritious vegetable annually. Together, these states, along with California, Washington, and Wisconsin, form the backbone of carrot production in the United States, leveraging their unique environmental attributes to meet consumer demand nationwide.

Carrot Production by State 2024

  • CWT is an abbreviation for hundredweight, a unit of measurement equivalent to 100 pounds of product in the US (the "short hundredweight", or "cental") and 112 pounds of product (a "long hundredweight") in the UK.

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Carrot Production 2022 (cwt)
Utilized Production (1k CWT)
Value of Utilized Production
Acres Planted
United States32.1M