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Celery Production by State 2024

Celery Production by State 2024

Celery production in the United States primarily revolves around California, with the state being the predominant contributor to the industry. California's dominance in celery production can be attributed to several factors, including its favorable climate, fertile soil, and extensive agricultural infrastructure. The state's mild winters and warm, dry summers provide optimal conditions for celery cultivation, allowing for year-round production in certain regions.

The significance of celery production in California extends beyond meeting domestic demand, as the state plays a crucial role in supplying celery to both national and international markets. California's large-scale celery farms benefit from economies of scale, enabling efficient production and distribution of the crop to various destinations across the country and beyond. Additionally, the state's proximity to major ports facilitates export activities, further enhancing its position in the global celery market.

Celery Production by State 2024

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