Fema Locations by State 2023

How To Search For Your FEMA Location

FEMA locations can be found on the fema.gov website, and it is split into 10 regions. For example, region 1 includes the tribal nations of New England and will service relevant states such as

FEMA has many locations in each region and state, and within states, there are various places where you can contact FEMA in person or by telephone to receive the necessary assistance for possible emergencies or disasters.

What is FEMA?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was officially created by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, but its history can be traced back to as early as 1803. Officially, it is recognized as a part of the department of homeland security (DHS). This was officially created by signing two executive orders, which act as the primary response to a disaster that has occurred within any place in the United States that either overwhelms the security or resources of the local community. To receive FEMA aid, the community, county, or state (depending on the severity of the issue) must declare a state of emergency to receive aid from FEMA.

There is an exception to this rule, and that is only when federal property or assets are threatened. The most recent example is the Space Shuttle Columbia, which took part in a drastic return-flight disaster in 2003. FEMA aid was sent immediately without the need to declare a state of emergency.

How Does FEMA Help?

FEMA primarily assists with providing the resources necessary to help stabilize and rebuild a community that has undergone a disaster. These include many things, chief of which are on-the-ground support from staff and volunteers to help with deliveries and labor. Perhaps the most useful mission of FEMA is to provide disaster-stricken communities with the knowledge and specialization necessary to coordinate the safety, rebuilding, and stabilization of the issue. This is always necessary if the community does not have enough talent in their local or greater area which can take charge of the situation.

FEMA also partners with the SBA (Small Business Administration) to provide low-interest loans to pillars of the community. The faster a business can recover and start to deliver necessary goods and services to the public, the quicker the community can get back on its feet, and sometimes even exceed what they were capable of before help from the agency.

How FEMA was Formed

In 1803, the U.S congress responded to the devasting fires that occurred in New Hampshire's port city, Portsmouth. They enacted an ad hoc measure that allowed merchants to delay payment of their tariffs on imported goods, which had a positive effect on the rebuilding efforts of the local economy. This legislation was enacted more than 100 times over the next 130 years and was revisited by Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression. Various acts allowed banks to stimulate the economy by lending cheaper debt through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This set a precedent for various agencies to be established for different purposes. In 1979, Jimmy Carter officially created FEMA as the sole agency for disaster response, so it streamlined communication and efforts.

Fema Locations by State 2023