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Grape Production by State 2024

Grape Production by State 2024

In 2023, grape production in the United States reached a total of 6,285,000 tons, with California and Washington emerging as the key contributors. California, renowned for its vast vineyards and favorable climate, led the nation with a staggering production of 5,920,000 tons. This dominance can be attributed to California's diverse microclimates, ranging from the cool coastal regions to the warm inland valleys, which provide ideal conditions for cultivating various grape varieties.

Following California, Washington emerged as the second-largest grape producer, contributing 365,000 tons to the national output. Despite being a relatively smaller producer compared to California, Washington's significance lies in its reputation for producing high-quality wine grapes, particularly in regions such as the Columbia Valley and Walla Walla Valley. The state's cooler climate and irrigation from the Columbia River contribute to the cultivation of grapes with distinct flavors and characteristics.

Grape Production by State 2024

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Grape Production 2023 (tons)
United States6,285,000