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Macadamia Production by State 2024

Macadamia Production by State 2024

Macadamia production in the United States primarily centers around Hawaii, which boasts favorable climatic conditions for growing these prized nuts. Hawaii's tropical climate, characterized by ample sunshine, consistent rainfall, and nutrient-rich volcanic soil, provides an ideal environment for macadamia trees to flourish. The state's unique geographic location also shields macadamia orchards from pests and diseases, further supporting robust yields.

Hawaii stands as the sole significant contributor to macadamia production in the United States, accounting for the majority of the country's output. With approximately 37.7 million pounds of macadamias harvested annually, Hawaii dominates the domestic market for these delectable nuts. Macadamias, renowned for their rich, buttery flavor and crunchy texture, are highly sought after in both domestic and international markets.

The production of macadamias plays a vital role in Hawaii's agricultural sector and economy. According to the Hawaii Macadamia Nut Association, macadamia farming supports thousands of jobs in cultivation, harvesting, processing, and distribution, contributing to the state's employment and income levels. Additionally, macadamia orchards attract tourists, offering them the opportunity to experience the beauty of Hawaii's agricultural landscapes while indulging in locally grown delicacies.

Macadamia Production by State 2024

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