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Mushroom Production by State 2024

Mushroom Production by State 2024

Mushroom production in the United States is primarily concentrated in Pennsylvania and California. Pennsylvania leads the nation in mushroom cultivation, with a significant contribution to the overall production. The state's favorable climate, particularly in regions like Chester County, provides an optimal environment for growing various types of mushrooms.

Following Pennsylvania, California also plays a notable role in mushroom production. Although its output is not as extensive as Pennsylvania's, California's mild climate in areas like Monterey County supports mushroom cultivation.

The dominance of Pennsylvania and California in mushroom production underscores the importance of favorable climatic conditions and agricultural expertise. While other states may engage in mushroom cultivation to a lesser extent, these two states remain the key contributors to the nation's mushroom supply.

Mushroom Production by State 2024

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Mushroom Production 2023 (lbs)
United States490.9M