NL Central Teams by State 2024

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs fans had long endured a title-run drought. And for this beloved and renowned Major League Baseball franchise, the recent success the Chicago Cubs have experienced was worth the wait. The Cubs are also one of the founding members of the NL Central following the divisional realignment, migrating over from the NL East division.

Cincinnati Reds

It has been a long time since the Big Red Machine, but Cincinnati Reds fans have had a few bright spots since then, including a World Series ring. The Reds are another original National League Central division member after coming over from the NL West.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers franchise began as an American League organization. They have been a part of the AL West, East, and Central divisions before joining the NL Central in 1998.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are familiar with success on the diamond and in different divisions. This founding member of the National League Central division was formerly with the NL East before Major League Baseball's division realignment of NL central teams.

St. Louis Cardinals

Not only are the St. Louis Cardinals one of the original members of the NL East division they are also a model of consistency. While that success has been missing during the most recent seasons, history states that Cardinals fans won't have to wait too long before fielding another contender for one of the most consistent NL Central teams.

NL Central Teams by State 2024